Department of Homeland Security

Mandate MegaCenter Alarm Monitoring for GSA Properties

There is an agreement between GSA and DHS regarding Federal alarm monitoring: if the property is a GSA space or lease, the alarm monitoring is complimentary.


This is not common knowledge.


As such, working at the Denver MegaCenter, one of four MegaCenters in America, we are routinely advising agencies that they do not need to pay for monitoring and maintenance through companies like ADT and Siemens because the alarm monitoring is already being paid for in the agreement between GSA and DHS.


Most often, this occurs with Senate offices, where the offices are monitored by ADT rather than being monitored by the MegaCenter directly. As it is a Federal property, ADT must contact a MegaCenter and provide all necessary information to the MegaCenter dispatcher, so that he or she can contact Federal Police to respond to the alarm.


Most importantly, this delays the response to the emergency on Federal property, but, relating to the Save Award, it is also completely extraneous and unnecessary spending.


Being monitored by a third-party alarm company incurs a monthly monitoring fee, a monthly service agreement, maintenance fees, change request fees, and signal reception fees.


Compound these fees by the number of offices that are monitored outside the Federal MegaCenters and the savings will be exponential and the response to Federal emergencies will become more efficient.



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