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Mandate Deliquent Federal Tax Pymts as Condition of Employment

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"Nearly 100,00 federal civilian employees owed $1 billion in unpaid federal income taxes in 2009, according to the IRS. The number of delinquent federal employees has remained consistent since 2004, but the amount owed has soared nearly 70 percent from $600 million to $1 billion."


While the The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has passed a bill, why wait for it to be further voted on? Why not have the President (by Executive Order) or OPM issue a mandate for all CHCOs to check when hiring a Federal Employee that they are current or are paying back their Federal Taxes as a "condition of employment".


In todays federal work space, this would go a long way to rejuvinate the strong eithical work efforts of the many and further show that we achieve to be on a higher moral ground as the stewards of american values and image!

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