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Make it easy for employees to choose hourly pay

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My supervisor told me that if an employee is productive for 6 hours out of the day, that's pretty good. This is no surprise.

Why then do we need to spend 8 hours here when it's common knowledge that most people are only productive for 6 hours per day? I can be productive for 8-10 hours a day SHORT term, but long term I only have 6 hours of QUALITY work in me per day.

NASA makes it difficult for people to switch to hourly, based on the mistaken assumption that fewer hours means less productivity. 6 hours' productivity + 2 hours sitting around = inefficient unhappy employee.

6 hours productivity + 0.5 hr office socializing (we all do it) + 1.5 hours more fun = happy employee saving taxpayer money. Let's make it easy for employees to choose hourly pay. We can get the same amount of work done in fewer hours, save taxpayer money, and spend more time with family, surfing, mud wrestling, or whatever we do for fun. We can add bonuses for productivity so that, for meeting the same milestones, employees can take home 90% as much money in 80% as much time.

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