Government Accountability Office

Make everyone that collects welfare work

It is illogical and just down right WRONG to collect a pay check for doing nothing!

Everyone collecting these funds should be required to do some sort of work, such as: sweep streets, clean parks, work at daycare centers, office help, cook /clean/assist at homeless shelters, clean beaches/bath houses/public rest areas, nursing homes, hospitals, libraries and so on and so on. What ever skills they have should be utilized to justify collecting any type of funds.

We all need to validate our existance and sitting around on the tax payers dime is getting out of hand.

The cycle of generation after generation collecting funds needs to be adressed. We are allowing this population to continue breeding useless human beings that think they don't have to do anything for anyone including themselves, how obsurd.

They all should get up out of bed, get dressed and report to the local welfare office each morning and be ready to do something for the community, 40 hours a week.

This would be the first step to deveolping a sense of "work ethic" and learning how money is earned.



Idea No. 15886