Department of Homeland Security

Make a single shipbuilding administration

Currently there are several departments of our government that build ships for their own purposes, e.g. Navy builds warships, Coast Guard builds its Law Enforcement/warships, NOAA builds its research vessels, Army and Marine Corps build warships. At some level, shipbuilding comes down to similar principles of Naval Engineering, yet the people involved become duplicated across each department. In under-resourced departments, Naval Engineering functions suffer, causing poorly written contracts, and sub-par ships, and more costly maintenance. The waste associated with this can cause investment of taxpayer money to grow out of control. A case in point is USCGC BERTHOLF (WMSL-750) The initial pricetag was roughly $500 million, but lack of effective USCG oversight due to poor staffing and inexperience in shipbuilding caused the ship to cost well over triple what it should. NAVSEA, the Navy shipbuilding counterpart that has much more staffing and experience, built a similar vessel, the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), without any of the cost overruns experienced by USCG. The LCS and the WMSL for the most part are built very similarly. Had a single administration oversaw both builds, the waste associated with the WMSL could have been greatly reduced or eliminated.

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