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Make DoD Civilain LQA mirrior military entitlements

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Currently DoD Civilian LQA is much higher than their Military counterparts of equivalent rank. This is due to the requirement to have DoD fall under Department of State regulations. Let the DoD control what overseas civilians get for LQA and not the Department of State. that way the DoD can operate more efficiently and save money. Currently a GS-9 makes more than a Lt Col does for off-base housing. GS-13 and higher make up to $4,000 a month where the Military equivalent make $1,700. The benefit for civilians is so large that they are able to purchase inflated priced homes overseas and sell them to retain a tax free profit when they leave. Why not just assign a civilian a military rank equivalency and pay them at the same rate as what a military member gets. Since civilians already get post allowance at 35% of their pay rate it could be argued that this could be what they use to offset their housing costs. Why not increase post allowance for civilians and do away with LQA. LQA is supposed to be an incentive for civilians to serve overseas and not an entitlement. There is a great deal of resentment between military members and their civilian counterparts pertaining to the difference in housing benefits. Please try to make it more equal.

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