Department of Veterans Affairs

Mailing of Medicactions & Appointments

I've been with the Veterans Health Administration for a short period of time and I have noticed that VA spends too much money in mailing. They mail medications, appointments and other types of packages through USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, etc, to name a few. As a matter of fact I am a Mail Clerk with this Agency and seen it with my own eyes. I understand that our mission is to serve our Veterans; but there also has to be limits. I'm a veteran by the way.

I suggest that VA should'nt deliver medication to folks that live within a 5-10 mile radius, the exception being that patient is physically impaired. I have seen packages that cost over $13.00 mail to someone that lives just across the street from the Clinic. Most medications are dispatched as a 90 day supply, I don't see how this can affect a veteran to swing by the pharmacy and request their supply every 3 months. The truth is most veterans love to hang out at the Clinics, you can see the same faces week after week. Hundreds of appointments are mailed on a daily basis, lets email or call these people and have sometype of confirmation that the information was received. Mail is returned for insufficient address, unknown, unclaimed, moved left no address, etc. It is the responsibility of the veteran and VA to maintain an updated data base with addresses verifiable by USPS's format. Even postal cards are mailed to remind the veteran of an appointment. They too on occasions are returned. We have to remember that vast mayority of veterans maintain a code of conduct and are very responsible with their stuff, some may have lost or never had the code. We need to cut back on mailing. Our OPC is small and spends with USPS approximately $5000-$6000 monthly in mailing medications and appointments, now imagine how much a mayor Hospital would spend. I'm not even mentioning much is spent with the private companies. companies.



Idea No. 7388