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MANDATORY CPU shutdown @ COB & prioritize IT updates, Save $10M

Here's how to save millions per year by flipping a switch.


There is an all encompassing SOP that dictates federal employees leave their computers on (in "locked" mode) at the end of the day. This is a huge waste of electricity (ESPECIALLY if the monitor and speakers are also left on)


I understand that the reason for this is so that IT can complete system updates using less bandwidth. However, by dividing the computers in every installment into 5 or more update areas, IT can fulfill updates on one area per night while the computers in the other 4 areas are shut down.


Example: Area A leaves their computers on Monday night, while B-E turn them off; Tuesday B on, A, c,d,e off;and so on.


The result: no real disruption of IT's business and financial savings with no additional overhead.


Quantified savings:


(Watts * hours used)/1000 * Cost per KwH = total Cost


The average, annual cost of ONE computer in standby/sleep mode combined with a monitor and the computer speakers left on at average volume = $9.00**** (multiply by 6 to account for laptops, add $4 if the station has a personal printer)


Now multiply by 1,000 …. 10,000 ….1 million?


Given the grand power of the government --- the figure may seem like small potatoes, but this is PURE waste --- this is savings accrued with NO additional overhead costs. You are simply turning off your computer, monitor and speakers and IT compartmentalizes its update schedule.


If this plan is combined with intelligent lighting, removal of personal printers and a smart grid energy system, that savings will go up exponentially.



****Assuming 16 hours per day, 48 hours on the weekend. Electricity varies by location, this calculation assumes the average national rate of 9.7 cents per KwH.

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