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MANDATE saving files in a smaller format

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Saving a scanned file in a smaller format uses less space on the database, and in turn decreases the needed amount of database storage and network bandwidth.


Scanned files are automatically saved in a large size. (roughly 1.5 Megs) Furthermore, when the file is opened it has to be "unzoomed" to order to read over it. This is a waste of time and a waste of database and network bandwidth.


If it is mandated that files are saved at 1/2 the zoom (done simply by changing the scan settings) then the file takes up half as much space on the database with no discernible difference in quality. Multiplied over tens of millions of documents --- this is a change which will eliminate the need for paying billions for another database server and also decrease the amount of network bandwidth needed to traffic files.


This increases efficiency and also saves money.

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