Office of Personnel Management

MANDATE annual review for retirement age employees, save 100k+

Save 100k PER employee by mandating an annual review.


Once an employee hits retirement age, it should be mandated that they go through a board review once or twice per year to ensure they are not "padding" their retirement and abusing the system.


We all understand how the retirement system works --- the higher your grade and step when you retire --- the more money you get. However, this creates a situation in which many employees in the GS- 13, 14, and 15 slots remain working after retirement just to pad their retirement checks. This is abuse.


If these employees were required to take an annual board review by the head of the department then it would prevent this abuse of the retirement system, and also allow for other employees to move up through the ranks.


The result is exponential savings. The average step increase is between 3,000- 4,000$ per year. Multiplied times the rest of a retirees life (30-40 years) and include adjustments for inflation and the savings is near 100k PER employee.

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