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Department of Defense

Lower Promotion Rates

There is an ongoing problem in the USAF. Many of our "leaders" have failed to reach their projected rank MULTIPLE times. Some of them have been given 3 or 4 chances to pass their promotion test and continue to fail. Many finally make it after the upper management "pulls strings" for them. Sadly, most of these people are poor leaders as reflected in their inability to study, plan and pass their tests. Instead of thanking them for their service and removing them from the military, they are given every chance to keep trying until they pass. They set a bad example for other younger airman and they do NOT add to the successful outcomes of the unit they are assigned too. If they cannot be the professional the USAF expects them to be, then they should not be wearing the uniform. I think this system needs to be fixed to only allow 3 chances to pass a promotion test between the ranks of e1-e5 and only 2 chances from 36-e8. There is no excuse for a "leader" who fails to study or plan properly for these tests. All the materials and information are available and they are given adequate time/resources to prepare. We need leaders who WANT to be here, WANT to work and make this military better and not leaders who simply are "coasting" along gathering a paycheck. If we can remove the fat of the leadership (both officer and enlisted) than we can save millions of dollars.



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