Department of Veterans Affairs

Limit rehab and recover patients visits per year

In foodserive I can say I see the same patients walk through recover and rehab bi monthly or even yearly. When I speak of recover patients I am talking about durg and alcohol abuse. Patients will go to VA to VA for treatment over and over again. I think we should limit the number of times a patient can use the recover or rehab program. I have know certain people to use the program over 20 times!! I have even heard or know of patients that hope VA Medical Centers. they will enroll in Chicago, then St. Cloud, then Minneapolis, then South Dakota and so one. This drains the VA of money and starves those who really do need the treatment. One vet stated to me that it is "Three hots and kot year round"This means they wil hit multiple VA Medical Centers through out the year for free room and board while collecting disability. This costs us time and effort for those that do not have a issue and are not truely interested in treatment. It also henders those that do really need the treatement and want to change. If some thing was inacted the costs would be droped to due to the number of patients housed and feed per year.



Idea No. 9872