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Limit Tax Code to 100 pages, simplify the process!

The tax code is out of hand. Simplify it, make it difficult to change, and do not allow special exceptions allowing a few to not pay their fair share of taxes. Consider a small national sales tax to supplement some revenues on non-food items. Then supplement any government expenditures with fees for service instead. Inspections of foreign suppliers of food and other goods should pay for itself. As inspections show good quality, not dangerous for consumption, etc those fees go down. As imports show poor quality, may be dangerous or require expensive lab analysis to verify quality, those fees go way up. Then establish a consumer reports style rating that is published annually with immediate news if findings show something may be flawed and not fit for use in our country. Establish similar quality standards for food and products made in the USA and eventually make those fees the same for everyone. Poor quality is penalized, good quality is rewarded.

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