Department of Homeland Security

Limit Home-to-Work Vehicles

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CBP, and perhaps DHS in general, provides home-to-work (HTW) vehicles for many top managers. The rationale for this is to enable managers to respond to emergency situations. In fact, few, if any, of these managers have ever been called upon to respond in an emergency. When issues have arisen outside their scheduled workday, most of these managers utilize technology (Blackberries, MobiKeys, etc.) to access critical information and direct the response from their homes.


HTW vehicles are instead used as the daily commuting car for these managers, forcing the Federal Government to pay millions of dollars each year for vehicle purchases, maintenance, fuel costs, and tolls. It would be much less expensive to pay local travel claims for these managers to use POVs if they ever must respond to an emergency, and even less expensive to mandate their use of existing technologies (which they are already using) in all but the most sensitive circumstances.

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