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Leveraging web-based, collaborative, knowledge management tools

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Currenlty our offices is restricted from utilizing effective web-basd collaborative tools like PBworks (a web-based collaborative wiki like tool) and Survey Monkey (a web-based survey tool) which are both utilized by other agencies. Instead we rely on outdate solutions with one seat licenses that allow only one out of hundreds employee to utilize the tools at any given time. These restrictions hamper our abiliy to effectively collaborate, gather valuable feeback and provide our customers the best service. Although DOE has some in-house wiki tools (i.e. powerpedia) they are not nearly as user friendly, effective, or collaborative in nature as other avaialble tools. I strongly believe that making certain commercial tools available to DOE staff will allow for ehancing collaborative knowledge management and feedback gathering, both of which are critical to a succesfull organization in the 21st cetnury.

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