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If u don't have time to read my's good lol NO MORE SENDING LETTERS!


This idea can be spanned into many departments. Just speaking for the edu dept, we send out more letters than anyone could count e.g. 1 case: Development ltrs when we need more info from the claimant, Certificate of eligibility, award ltrs for enrollments, many correction ltrs from amendments from school hour reductions or inc, withdraws, fee changes etc. & a carbon copy to their power of attorney. Of course the issues of lost, stolen or misplaced mail.

FIX: I’d like to see a system in place equivalent to “Google doc’s” (Gd’s). Each claimant would have a Gd’s acct where we could quickly & securely view or edit the ltrs we normally would send through “snail mail”. Email wouldn’t work either. Even if we were able to get email attachments secure we would still have the issues of multiple copies being sent of the same doc back & forth until it was correct. A system like “Gd’s” is the ONLY way to go.

How it works: A doc is created & stored in “Gd’s” then keys (passwords links) are given out to only trusted people (even power of attorneys). Anyone with a key can access that doc & edit it in “live time”. Even typing side note comments to help assist. The doc is saved automatically. We as gov edu workers could then print that same doc into their permanent file in our electronic TIMS. Gd’s already has application specifically developed for gov agencies.

We often send ltrs where we need a signature to confirm the “correct” benefit to relinquish in order to award them under the ben. they desire & the effective date they wish to have these benefits take place. This is probably one of our worst confusion complaints of letter-tag resulting in many errors & more ltrs & time wasted, not only for gov employees but for our service mem & vets anxiously waiting on their school & housing pay.

FIX: Along with a system like “Gd’s” use A digital signature system equivalent to the IRS & ins co use.

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