EXOP - Office of Management and Budget

Let's be proactive & clean house-why let Congress do it for us ?

The public and some in Congress seem to have a very negative perception of Federal employees in general and are willing to "punish" all for the deficiencies of a notable few. Why should we allow Congress to remedy what they see as the problem? Let's be proactive, identify the deficiencies that we can do something about, and take charge of (and key word: publicize) our own solutions that will reduce wasteful spending. Example: the statistics show that federal agencies do carry non-performers on the rolls—very few employees are denied WIGI’s; and the reasons often cited are lack of tools, time and support for managers who face this intimidating challenge. The public and Congress can see the same statistics; agencies’ limited response only feeds and confirms the perception that this is acceptable. Let’s publicly state that this is not acceptable. Then let’s take noticeable steps to provide managers with all the tools and visible support to require employees to meet the responsibilities that they agreed to. Where necessary, managers should deny WIGI's or terminate consistently poor performers. Agency efforts to address their performance deficiencies (thus reducing wasteful spending) should be publicized. While we agree that overall belt-tightening is appropriate in these financially hard times, slashing benefits and limiting the salaries of all employees to "correct" the abuses of the much smaller number of non-productive employees demoralizes the great majority of those good and dedicated employees who are dedicated to their jobs. Let’s show the public and Congress that we CAN monitor our financial and human resources, before they do it for us.



Idea No. 3810