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Let Internet Usage Pay for Itself

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My idea is for government departments and agencies to promote the use of in lieu of Google or Bing as their default internet search engine. For example, if there are 50,000 employees at an Air Force Base, this would generate an estimated $365,000 per year (assuming a minimum of 3 web searches per day.) Additionally, whatever purchases a government agency needs to make (i.e. specialized software, books, or high-tech equipment) concerning products that are not available for purchase thru the GSA, these purchases should be made thru GoodShop. Using the 50,000 Air Force example from above, it is estimated that would produce approximately $7.5 million dollars in revenue.


As an example, I have registered the Bureau of Public Debt. See:


Federal government employers could encourage the use of this entity as their designated "charity" until they are able to complete the necessary forms to register theirselves as a charity. These additional revenue funds could be used to pay for internet services, computer and printer maintenance and repair, etc.


Federal employees should feel free to do as they like on their own free time, but so long as they are using government-owned computers and equipment, usage should be in accordance with acceptable use policies. As much as I like using Google as a search engine in my free time, while I am at work, using a work computer, I personally use GoodSearch and the Bureau of Public Debt as the charity of choice because I think it is the patriotic thing to do.


God Bless America :)

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