Department of Veterans Affairs

Less paper waste via electronic alerts of chart orders

Electronically alert clerks about scheduling needs, rather than automatically printing orders.


At this VA medical center, any time an order (e.g., labs, clinic appt, xray) is entered in the electronic patient chart (GUI/CPRS) it is automatically printed. It prints near the staff who enter the appointments. The purpose is to alert clerks that an appt needs entered in the appt software (CPRS). Often it may only be a single line of text.


This software has the capability of alerting clerks electronically, just as it does for when a consult is entered and automatically specific people get a notice in both the patient chart and appt software.


This would improve patient confidentiality (no hard copy order with private info created), effectiveness (the electronic alert can't get lost, thereby increasing the chance the clerks will follow through on the order), and save paper.

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