EXOP - Office of National Drug Control Policy

Legalize, and Salary Cap at Minimum Wage, the Sale of Narcotics

The “War on Drugs”, has done nothing except increase the violent tendencies and the salary, of drug dealers. Legalize, and force into the not for profit sector, the sale of all narcotics, and psychiatric medications. Place a cap on the wages earned by people who make narcotics and psychiatric drugs, of minimum wage, up to 60 hours a week. Drug farmers and lab techs that want to turn our children into drug addicts are free to do so in a free society. We can't let them become wealthy and powerful. We can't encourage their violence. We must prove to our children that this is the absolute worst job, you could possibly have.


We must prove that no one respects drug dealers, and they can't even afford to own homes. Drug dealers will represent the bottom rung of our society, and only be allowed to sell narcotics or psychiatric drugs to consenting adults, with proper labels suggesting how much damage these drugs can cause. No advertising. No management jobs. Drug dealers can make minimum wage legally, any more than that, sends them to straight to jail. Incorporate talented, finance minded DEA agents into the IRS, to become forensic accountants. We'll deal with the problem there.


Prohibition doesn't work.

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