Department of Homeland Security

Lease office space on the economy vice GSA!

Government agencies are keep GSA afloat by paying more for their leases through GSA. In FY10 over 1/2 of the Federal Building Fund revenues came from 5 top federal agencies.(DOJ $1.6B, DHS $1.6B, FJ $1.1B, DOT $0.8B, and SSA $0.7B) GSA had a net revenue of $548M in FY10. Even when when an agency gets a lease on the economy, they go through GSA and pay a percentage of overhead to keep GSA afloat. If that same agency went out on their own, that extra lost funding would be able to be used to support the agency that it was intended. On average 5% of any lease (gsa or on the economy) goes to paying GSA. It is not in the job description of DHS, DOJ and other agencies to fund GSA. Reducing the size of GSA and their building portfolio, while allowing agencies (with strict guidance) not to go through GSA for leased space would put billions into the economy or could be cut from the budgets where it's being wasted now to reduce the deficit. $1.6B alone is paid out to GSA salaries, benefits and travel that comes from overhead from lease.



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