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Lean/Six Sigma Duty Assignment

Lean 6 Sigma is the ultimate investment tool for developing and improving process efficiency in the corporate and public sectors. Eliminating wasteful processes will not only increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization but will provide an enormous cost savings throughout.


Every organization operates in a unique manner. So, if you’re not assigned to every site and know exactly how each site functions on a daily basis, it is next to impossible to identify waste. Some organizations have specific “additional duty” assignments that allow an employee to dedicate a small portion of his or her time and knowledge towards improving a specific area of assignment.


We need to identify the struggling organizations and establish a 6 Sigma duty assignment. Being able to dedicate a small portion of time and knowledge towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of an organizations process is well worth the efforts to initiate it.


Before you discard this suggestion, take some time and examine the history of the Six Sigma world. You will come to know that some of the most successful companies in the world were based on a foundation of 6 Sigma principles.


This idea can apply to any department that is in need of cutting out the “fat”, but is more specifically essential in the aviation division. The reason for this is not for just saving money but for saving human lives due to poor process management. The commercial airline industry is operating on a 7 sigma level and has one of the safest quality management programs in existence. The commercial airline industries motivation and ability to use 6 Sigma principles throughout daily processes continues to keep our people safe and business to be plentiful. Our government aviation program can use a boost in quality (safety) and a boost in quantity (money).



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