Nuclear Regulatory Commission


If the government used LESS lights, they could save MORE money:


It has never ceased to amaze me at the amount of lights that are left on in government buildings when nobody is around. Employees who have their own offices should turn their lights off when they leave the building. Or, the cleaning crew could turn them off when done cleaning. Also, I often see secretaries turn on their boss's lights for them in the morning hours before the boss is due in to work. Is it really that hard for someone to turn their own lightswitch on when they arrive to work in the morning? Sometimes the boss doesn't even show up and the light is on all day serving no purpose but to burn electricity and a hole in the government's "pocket".


They should get rid of those lights that automatically go on when somebody enters a room. I have gone into a break room to put food in the fridge countless times and would not even need to turn a light on since I am only in there for literally seconds and the room is lit by hall lights; however, one of those sensors turns the light on and it stays on long after I am gone. The same goes for the copier room. I go in to grab a ream of paper for about 3 seconds and a light I do not need goes on automatically and stays on for a very long time.


They could turn off about one 3rd (maybe one out of every 3 lights on the ceiling) and ther would still be plenty of light for everyone to see. There are 6 flurescent light bulbs in my cubicle alone and I had them turn off 4 of them becaue it was actually too bright.



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