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Knowledge Based Acqusition

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The government should make major acqusitions knowledge-based and hire qualified acquisition personel and IT experts. In my opinion this will help provide expansion of the available options, consistent with DoD policy adjustments and streamlining activities (FASA, 1994). Additionally this best practice is consistent with current and ongoing initiatives to reclaim greater involvement, management, oversight direction and control by government employees in the development and acquisition process from contracted systems integrators. This knowledge based approach is consistent with a risk averse policy that DoD needs to aggressively pursue and implement:


-Knowledge point 1, Match must be made between the customer’s needs and the developer’s available resources—technology, engineering knowledge, time, and funding

-Knowledge point 2, Product design must be stable and must meet performance requirements

-Knowledge point 3, Product and or system must be producible within cost, schedule, and quality targets and demonstrated to be reliable. If a program doesn't meet requirements kill it.


Benefits Gained:

In my opinion this knowledge-based best practice will enable the DOD to make investment and acquisition determinations on the basis of specific, measurable levels of knowledge at critical points. This best practice has evidenced itself in Industry selecting proven COTS technologies for the sake of risk mitigation/elimination, and cost efficiencies. Moreover the increasing use of standards based approaches has and will enable DOD to own the key technologies and software elements to enable support services contracts based upon best practices, cost efficiency determinations and evaluations, which afford DOD the benefits from increased competitiveness.


GAO (April 2006). GAO-06-368, Defense Acquisitions Major Weapon Systems Continue to Experience Cost and Schedule Problems under DOD’s Revised Policy, Retrieved February 4, 2010, from (

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