Department of Agriculture

Keep Up With New Technology

One of the biggest problems I've observed working for the government is that there is a hesitation to make changes as we entire a more technological age. For example, at Market News we have converted all our reporting to the internet, for obvious reason. Yet we still produce two reports we call the Daily Blue Sheet and the Weekly Blue Sheet, that were original designed as a combination of a whole bunch of reports to ease the chore of faxing out reports. We no longer fax these out since we now have email and the internet. Yet we still have four clerks and a Clerk Supervisor whose primary job are compiling these reports. KEEP IN MIND, these reports are already available on the web in different forms, yet they still produce these duplicate reports simply because of tradition. In fact, this duplication of reports often causes confusion when people call us. Eliminating these unnecessary reports would reduce our need for clerks from 4 to probably 2, and that's just my office. I would imagine my office is not the only one that has these types of out of date practices that were designed for the pre-computer age. My suggestion is to have individual offices reevaluate their work to determine if there are procedures that have not caught up with the computer age.



Idea No. 18809