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Keep Experience Alive

With the country's baby-boomers ready to retire our workforce considerably, I know the government shall start major hiring campaigns in the near future. In my opinion as a government employee, the job we do is more craftsman-like than other types of jobs and that experience gained over the years at our job is what makes a government employee more efficient with time.

For that reason, I feel we can start a program (if it has not already been initiated) to allow part time work for our retired government personnel, to work from home via a webcast or instant chat program or telephonically, to give assistance to new hires in federal positions. One example is a chat room type scenario, where a retired federal employee would log on from home using their computer, and simply wait to see what questions they may be asked by a new hire (in a position that the retired federal employee once held). Since the actual work being done only requires experience and not actual labor, salaries for retired personnel may be very minimal. Overhead would be minimal because this requires no office for the employee to work in (though I know all government telecommuting positions require some capital by the government, but this can be kept extremely limited).

This is only a supplemental job to help a retired federal worker stay active and be patriotic by helping the government during their retirement. And this way experiences that have been gained by that retired federal employee may not be lost, once their career has ended. Instead those experiences are passed on to the new hires so as to make/keep the government efficient. Though this idea would not seem to save money (since it may require paying a small salary), I feel it might be a program to help our retired federal employees after retiring, not rely so heavily on their social security to pay for their retirement, while creating an efficiency in new hires that would cut costs in the long run.

Thank you.

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