Department of Justice

Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation Center

JPATS transports a vast majority of federal prisoners around the country. They fly multiple planes Monday thru Saturday. The numbers of inmates they transport are mind boggling and they have a huge responsibility. But, simply put, their scheduled landing times are rarely met and often with hours of delays. These delays cause the BOP bus crews assigned to affectuate these airlifts to incur many hours of overtime premium pay. Not only are the bus crews incurring this overtime but on many occasions staff assigned at the BOP facilities to process the returing inmates are also getting overtime pay. Some of these delays are caused by mechanical problems with the aircraft or weather delays and little can be done about this. However, often times I have been told the delays are caused by the first flight of the day originating from the BOP'S Federal Transportation Center in Oklahoma City. Once that first flight is delayed all subsequent stops are affected. Many facilities will land up paying overtime to staff this entire airlift day. Minus mechanical or weather delays, ensure that this first flight departs on time. This would save significant funds throughout the year.



Idea No. 522