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Just end Iraqi Operations... REALLY end them, all of them

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Other programs cause massive frustration for millions of people with very little payback (how much will we really save by reducing the per diem tables?)


Once Operation New Dawn draws to a close, that will save us $3B per week (according to cost of, but even if it's only $1B per week (seriously, 1 billion per week?) that'll fix the debt more than all the solar lights and recycled plastic (not that those programs are bad, but this is BIG bang for the buck).


Now, I know the Iraqi front is "ending" this year, but beware! If Washington leadership isn't careful we will still spend billions on contractors, non-combat troops, drones, airlift (of supplies) etc. all hidden away as "non-combat" roles. Watch out for that (or don't because I'll get one of those $300k/yr jobs flipping burgers in Baghdad a few years from now).

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