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Just a few ideas - Technology, Embrace Changes

Technology needs to be embraced throughout the Government. Too many federal workers use the "this is how it has always been" which is a problem. Within ASC, we use different contracting software than the rest of the DoD. This causes additional workers to support two softwares that do the SAME thing. The federal workers need to embrace change and efficiency or none of this will work. Don't allow people to just hang on to old inefficient ways of doing things. Embrace technology. Toyota and other companies don't stand by and wait until something breaks, they improve the process continually. Automate things, use PDFs instead of paper. Web meetings instead of traveling for no reason. Telework across all agencies. Move agencies into federal buildings or on base instead of taking up office space and additional rent when not needed. For example, a lot of DCAA offices are in suites. This additional cost could be saved by moving the offices on military bases when available. These are just a few ideas that could be used to save money. Along with the ending of "use it or lose it" budgets.

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