Department of Education

Job Sharing

Job Sharing:


The government could promote voluntary job sharing as a way to assist the government in retaining talented and experienced employees, while at the same time reducing the number of positions in the government. This approach could assist in training a new workforce as baby boomers retire in mass while minimizing the brain-drain that may occur as vast numbers retire.


If job sharing already exists, publicity or promotion of these opportunities may encourage use of such programs.


I am nearing retirement and still retain a passion for my job and the valuable work that is accomplished by the Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid programs. I can’t think of a better way to transfer my historical knowledge of the programs to a new and impassioned workforce. We have hired many new individuals in our office who are innovative and creative, and passing on our Department’s successes and history to this new group is very rewarding.


Part time employment through job-sharing prior to retirement may be a very balanced approach to transitioning to a leaner government.



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