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Office of Director of National Intelligence

JIEDDO, Dispand and Re-allocate Resources

The Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) was created to analyze, track, research, and reduce the effectivness of improved explosive devices (IED) to our soldiers in the field. This entire organization and it's sub-organizations are redundant to the existing intiatives that exist in agencies such as NGA, NSA, DIA, and the armed services which is often proven provide more IED analysis than JIEDDO itself. Let the armed services and agencies such as NGA continue the IED effort without an entire organization dedicated to one type of tactic the enemy uses.


The orgranization also funds geospatial intelligence services redundant to other agencies efforts which has no place in JIEDDO.



JIEDDO should be disbanded and it's resources re-allocated to these other agencies. JIEDDO can no longer justify it's conitnuing existence as we are transitioning away from IRAQ and are starting to transition out of Afghanistan. A significant amount of money can be saved by assessing this organizations continued existence.



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