Department of Education

It's like freecyle, but better--it's for office supplies!

Being a college student, I really don't have a budget to get items I need ( like books, hangers, whatever) so I often turn to the service Freecycle--which I guess inspired me with this idea. Since each Department is complied of many offices, I think we should create an inter-office supply network. Similar to the website/program Freecylce, offices within each Department can post wanted ads for supplies they need and offices with an excess of supplies can post to see if any other office needs them. In essence, you would be redistributing supplies from an office that has too much of an item, let’s say paper clips, to an office that has run out of that item, using the given example, paper clips. This can prevent each department from ordering unnecessary supplies. One could theoretically apply this for major items such as computers/phones as well.



Idea No. 183