Department of Defense

Issue a laptop!

Currently computers sit unused on desks while people are away, they stockpile in closets in case someone needs one to use, they are located in common areas for visitors, they are located in dorms and breakrooms to use, and some employees are assigned several computers for telecommuting, office, etc. Rather than this insanity, issue each person that requires a computer one at their first installation. They have an assigned computer that they now can used while TDY, while working from home, while at the office, and when PCSing to a new installation. This eliminates the desktop computer requirement. They will be much more cautious with their computer that they are now fully responsible for, they can remove it from the office when they are not in – saving energy, and they can telework without an additional computer assigned. The employee must then turn it in when leaving the government (retirement, separation, etc.). This computer would still be replaced, but then it would be replaced based on the “real” entering service date rather than the day that it came into the warehouse and sat for 6 months before being assigned. This would not only reduce energy costs (computer goes home with employee) but the employees will now be financially responsible for the piece of equipment they are assigned and they may be better taken care of. The DoD has the ability to take the money from their pay if they are deemed responsible for damage to the item. Finally, the employee now has a way to retain their files from location to location without breaking any security rules or illegally inserting thumb drives to try to retain their information. This also eliminates the days when first arriving at an installation, awaiting equipment, and allows employees to get right to work – rather than sitting around for as much as two weeks awaiting a computer.

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