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Invest in old not in new

n south Kansas City Mo there is a complex that is as solid as a rock. The complex has cleared all EPA test and has been deemed healthy and safe for humans. This complex can hold many Federal employees and has done so in the past. As the government is trying to save money every were this complex should be looked at to invest money into the upgrading and repair to equipment instead of trying to run everyone out and condemn the property. At present ideas of either leasing space or building a new building are both on the table. The complex has many amenities to offer close to major highways storage facilities office space plenty of parking Bus line stops at front door security it's own chiller boiler plant. I believe that if the government would invest in the infrastructure the cost would be many dollars less than building or leasing and the government could combine several agency's under one roof instead of spread out all over the city in lease buildings. Their is a government agency that has a large portion of the complex now that is moving into a new facility in 2014. The area that the are vacating could be turned into a wind farm to further improve the complex and power could be sold back to the grid for additional savings. So as you can see this should at the very least deserves looking into for the present and the future.

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