Department of Transportation

Invest in Desktop Video-Conference Equipment

In many cases, holding a meeting via video-conference is an inexpensive and effective alternative to travel. The Volpe Center and other DOT offices have professional videoconferencing equipment or equipped conference rooms available upon formal request. The existing equipment is useful and effective, but it often requires substantial effort to request, set-up, operate, and use. Many employees are unaware of the options or unsure about using the equipment. In contrast, more employees are familiar with audible teleconference and webinar equipment they can use at their desks. If individual computers had DOT-approved video-conference software, cameras, microphones, and headpieces for conducting impromptu video-meetings, employees would be more likely to “try” it and find that it is an appealing alternative to travel. This could reduce travel costs and improve the effectiveness of meetings, training, and other gatherings traditionally held in-person. If the equipment is available on laptops, employees can also easily conduct meetings from non-equipped conference rooms -- IDEA ORIGINALLY SUBMITTED BY JESSICA HECTOR, RITA, DOT



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