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Invest in Apple Devices

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Invest in Apple devices: ie Macs, iPhones, and iPads . Throughout the years I’ve seen inexpensive hardware that was purchased to save money. However, due to their mediocre quality in hardware the government would have to replace them at a higher frequency. Granted Macs are common in elementary and high schools for their simplicity. Having the latest Windows OS installed, as a virtual machine, on a Mac would have the ease and best of both worlds for your required daily software. Perhaps another OS as well. One cannot beat the Security of Apple OS X. Hopefully; with a government discount it would be cost effective in the long run. Apple’s Tech Support seems to be originating from the US since their hardware is all made in China.

Going paperless, removing landlines, cable TV, and fax should be in our near future. I can’t wait to transition out of the Federal Stone Age! I do understand security and cyber wars. This is just my opinion. Thanks for reading; take care and god bless!

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