Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Agent

I have several ideas:


1. Each time there is an update to the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), we receive a paper copy. These are generally voluminous and wasteful because we are notified via email immediately at time of update and have access to these updates ahead of the paper copies. There is no need for the paper copies and they are usually discarded upon receipt.


2. Each year we receive a paper copy of either the Master Tax Guide or the Federal Tax Handbook. However, we also have access to these books and much more via electronic subscriptions to the publisher’s materials. In fact we are issued quarterly CD updates of these materials also. There is no need for duplicate and triplicate copies of these same materials.


3. In the same way, we received hard copies of the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations. These are multiple volumes. However these materials are provided as described in #2 above.


It is my opinion that a great majority of the personnel do not use these paperbound resources and they are truly wasteful.



Idea No. 18874