Social Security Administration

Interagency Conference/workshop Carpooling

Federal/State/Local government agencies and private entities attend conferences together. There is no coordination of travel in cases where carpooling or vanpooling would be cost saving to all involved. We should have an interagency booking system that would identify others going to the same conference and allow for planning travel that encourages carpooling/vanpooling with other attendees to the destination. (Example: Individuals from IRS, SSA, and State's arrive/depart a conference the same day. Individuals come from the same locality but are travelling separately to the same destination costing more for all involved.)


The same automated travel system could exist for all Federal/Sate/Local entities to allow for matches being made for travel with others to save all agencies involved money. Private entities could have a means of registering and becoming part of the pool to check for matches for meetings.


Even if travel is curtailed, there is still a need for some activity that allows for physical gatherings. We need to make the most of those travel dollars we do have by getting there in the most cost effective way.


Employees need a tool to encourage business carpooling instead of claiming individual miles or individual car rentals as expense.


The sharing of information while driving together is another valuable use of time when doing business travel.


This is one of many ways that agencies need to learn to work together for the overall good image of government that all of us as public servants want!



Idea No. 3648