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Integrated XML database for DoD logistics

There are several systems in use throughout DoD to manage supply inventories, configuration management, Diminishing manufacturers etc. There is a huge oportunity with the advant of truly robust cloud data storage and data exchange formats like xml to save hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars by combining and merging this data into one superset.

The ideal is to use current data systems and develop a matrix and absorb all of these systems into one. This would be a master logistics database, so as user A designs out a part of a system, other users can then see the surplus parts as they process through DRMO. Also multiple supply depots can see parts throughout.

Example, a high end trainer usees video card X. There maybe several agencies using said video card in several locations. Each location has stocks of spares of this video card. none of these sites have visibility of what the other site has, so often each site has a stockpile of this card on no official inventory. This database would give this visibility, but also allow designers and logisticians plan realistic sparing levels and centralize the data and remove excess stockpiling. The key is that this data either become the prime system, or feed transparantly from existing data systems.

This data while large would not be more than google handles, in fact development I would say should be through a data giant like google to ensure sufficient infrastructure is in place. Take lessons from the logistics sucesses in the C17 and apply them not just agency wide, but DoD wide.



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