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Institute a mandatory "private sector year" for federal workers

Force all non-contract, non-acquisitions, non-essential personnel to take one year away from their federal positions every six years. One of the biggest issues in the federal workforce is a persistent complacency on the part of a significant minority of workers. This complacency slows government operations, erodes Agency morale, and stirs resentment among the general public, particularly among the majority of Americans who work in the private sector. Every six years, non-essential, non-acquisition federal workers should be pushed out into the "real world" to get private sector jobs. Only those who demonstrate that they are able to hold a comparable job in the private workforce will be considered for re-admission into and promotion within the civil service. This "real world year" would erase the resentment felt by the general public towards public sector workers and public sector unions. And it would teach public sector workers to appreciate more fully the unique benefits and privileges of working for the United States.



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