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Install inexpensive software to measure and manage printing

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Agencies usually do not measure how much paper their employees use. As a result they do not make efforts to save paper, because they often can't even quantify it. My office fills an entire room with paper every couple of months, uses it all, then places a new order when it gets low- even though it it unecessary and we could rely on more digital forms.


In university, each student had a 30 page quota per month, and every time you printed a program dispalyed how much you had left. Agencies now don't even think about how much their employees should or should not be printed. This type of software would let them establish and report a clear baseline, and then make decisions about how much to print. My office alone uses hundreds of thousands of sheets per year, my agency millions, and the federal government billions of sheets, representing hundreds of millions of dollars. And it's not measured. Vote to install simple software and let agencies manage this resource.

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