Department of Justice

Inmate Telephone Monitoring

The enhancement of BOP inmate telephone monitoring could be dramatically enhanced via the creation of a BOP Communications Monitoring Center on the grounds of FCC Allenwood. By such a center staffed by some 450 odd staff responsible for nation-wide inmate telephone monitoring supplementing, and coordinating criminal investigations that are telephone related, some 600-700 staff engaged in telephone monitoring at BOP facilities would be free to perform their other duties, thus a a net gain of some 150-250 staff at institutions to perform essential duties. By having such a facility, say a USP somewhere has a major disturbance, 100% phone monitoring could be completed in mere hours of that facility of recorded calls for intelligence purposes. The CMC could be supported by several in-house (at the CMC) Intelligence Officers, SIS technicians, and have component office of BOP legal, an AUSA, the FBI, Secret Service, INS, DEA.... which would make it a fully functional communications monitoring center which would greatly enhance prison security as well as national security.



Idea No. 2045