Department of Justice

Inmate Pay is a waist of $$ Paper 2.6 million copies each year

1. Paper waist 2.6 million pieces a year


I work for the Bureau of Prisons and we currently have 217,000 inmates all of which are required to work a job. Every month we calculate pay on the computer for the inmates and every month we print pay sheets. So that is 217,000 pieces of paper every month, 2,604,000 pieces of paper every year and the number is growing. Which is just a waist of paper not including the ink used printing all these sheets of paper. When all of the pay is done on the computer,


2. Early release for those who qualify


Also paying the inmates money, Why, they are criminals, if they need to work to reform then give them Good Time for the work they do and save the money. With Good Time for hard work and training inmates how to work when they get out of prison will save even more money with early release and the ability to get a job they can hopefully stay out.



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