Department of Justice

Inmate Food Service

In the Federal Bureau of Prisons, hundreds of thousands of meals are prepared everyday. All of which come from a National menu, determined in Central Office. What I propose is that in stead of the Bureau getting rid of excess food, by either serving it to staff, creating compost of simply throwing it away, why not have one or two designated days of ala carte feeding for the inmate population. More specifically, say every 2nd or 3rd day in stead of having a designated meal on the menu, why not serve leftovers which have been preserved by food service staff. By doing so, inmates will have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite nutritional meals more frequently, staff will save money and other resources by only having to re-heat the already prepared food items, and finally, it will save the BOP hundreds of million of dollars each year ultimately reducing waste and costs.


I personally have worked in the prison environment for almost 20 years, and one thing that I know is that inmates like to eat, so what a better way of providing a balanced, nutritious meal which serves the inmate population well and saves the government a ton of money!



Idea No. 8140