Department of Veterans Affairs

Initial, Mid Career, and End of Service Career Counseling

The first component entails informing veterans of opportunities and programs that exist and can be beneficial to them in many ways. This starts by taking VA HR personnel and assigning them to sections of the nation where they are readily available to military bases to work with commanding officers to conduct periodic information sessions with group members. Information disseminated allows veterans to remain current on VA processes and any changes made to the system’s benefits that may affect them. Additionally, this would be a time where veterans can ask any questions about how they would receive certain benefits and establish relationships with VA representatives at a local VA facility. Bringing in representatives allows ambiguity to be eliminated and encourages soldiers to reach out to the VA and voice any concerns they have during their adjustment period.


The second component focuses on developing their talents so they have an advantage when seeking a career. This would include seminars on resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, networking, and a Self Directed Search Inventory to provide information on where their skills would be best utilized. Commanding officers would also provide information to VA HR personnel on talents they see in soldiers that they feel makes them a better candidate for a position.


The third component of my plan would include soldiers being mentored on a continuous basis by a veteran in a field in where they have an interest. This allows them to see what each career involves and the challenges they can expect to see in a particular field of employment. I believe this component is the most vital because they have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about what interests them most. I have faith that implementing this plan will allow the VA to provide our full commitment and encouragement to veterans and also save money and increase efficiency by using existing personnel.



Idea No. 13409