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Infrequent Traveler Assistance

Agencies have thousands of employees who travel once per year or less. For eample, my agency conducts corporate training every year or so and everyone is sent to the training. For many of these travelers, this is the only trip they take each year.


My suggestion is for the Travel Office to have staff complete travel system entries for infrequent travelers, thus avoiding the expense of thousands of travelers having to complete the training and wrestle with the system. In addition to the savings, this method treats employees better. It is not appropriate to force employees to learn a complex system and make them navigate it for such infrequent use. It is common in the private sector for the travel office to handle travel arrangements for infrequent travelers - I suggest we do the same.


The cost in time for someone who is not proficient in the travel system are considerable while an expert in the system can complete the same tasks in a fraction of the time.


To take the trip, our traveler would have to:

1) Create or update account information and password in the travel system (often expired requiring a phone call to reset etc.)

2) Complete the online training on the travel system (1-3 hours depending on the training, if there are technical problems with the training system, etc.)

3) complete a Travel Authorization, which may require calls and questions about the travel regulations if there are any issues or if the trip involves multiple destinations or personal travel

4) complete a Travel Voucher upon completion of travel (another 1-2 hours and possibly phone calls for someone who doesn't do this regularly)


While our travel system has been updated and is easier to use than in the past, it is still quite a mountain for the thousands of employees each year who have to learn it and the regulations to use it just once or less.



Idea No. 8803