Department of the Treasury

Informed Resource Stewardship

Provide awareness of routine work-related costs to federal employees so we can begin an era of informed resource stewardship.


Core issue faced by large organizations-most employees are shielded from work-related cost data & don’t know costs of routine items/processes. Knowing these we would make more informed resource-conscious choices daily.


We should make these costs widely available to all feds on our intranet pages, cube walls...


Idea areas – cost of long distance calls (under various options), paper (per sheet/ream), copies, computers, aircards, BlackBerrys, payroll adjustments.


For example, cost for a payroll correction? Don’t know, and I'm a manager. Cost of long distance with our various options (desk, BlackBerry, operator supported, Office Communicator System)? If I know the cheapest way to call, I will. Recently thought I was; turned out not & there was a free option available. Wasted money due to lack of information.


Publishing some general cost factoids on a 1pager in various places would allow us to use public resources more effectively – every employee, every day. This would help make it concrete & help us consider in a meaningful way whether we would incur the expense if it were our own money. It would also help to provide some estimates as to projected savings organizationally some of these ideas will have. Combined, it would create even more buy-in, especially if coupled with national stewardship recognition – positively enforcing stewardship initiatives on an individual and organizational level. (There is a bit of “spend all that we were appropriated or we will get less next year” attitude & we need to fix that positively. We should tweaking that, recognizing and rewarding agencies that do more with less, and even turn money back in at the end of a FY.)


To leverage our passion into real cost savings and resource stewardship we but need the information in a usable format to begin being informed stewards of public resources.

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