Department of Health and Human Services

Information Management Portal - CLS

Within HHS-ACF, we have been able to reduce the amount of time we have spent with admin duties regarding the on/off boarding of employees, manage user accounts & contact information and reduce the amount of paperwork we deal with by 100% with the use of the ACF Contact List System (CLS).

Not only have we been able to reduce the time spent on administrative functions & paperwork but we have been able to control costs by implementing an Inventory Audit system that holds the department accountable for all IT related charges that are billed to us by our contractor. The CLS is able to keep a central repository of information regarding the user’s pc equipment and a monthly match is done to ensure that we are being properly billed. We have been able to successfully monitor this process and by doing so we have been able to save the agency a significant amount of tax payer dollars.

The CLS is a useful tool because we have been able to reduce the amount of paperwork by 100% - meaning that we no longer have to print out on/off boarding forms and fax them to Information Technology Infrastructure and Operations (ITIO) in order to get a new employee’s email and personal accounts set up. Highlights of the system include:

◦ Simplifies the Identity Management Process.

◦ Automates user provisioning.

◦ Delivers first-day account access.

◦ Modifies and maintains user accounts.

◦ Synchronizes user account with the Microsoft Outlook address book.

◦ Controls user administration, eliminating manual processing.

◦ Enforces security awareness compliance throughout the agency.

If all government agencies were to implement this system - time spent on daily admin functions, paper work and cost would reduce at a time when Government spending is being evaluated. It’s time that we focus on saving and implementing useful systems that deliver.

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