Department of the Treasury

Independent Audit Agency for Government Spending

I don't know that much about audit agencies, but if we had an overarching audit agency that was required to audit government spending and produce a report to for the people to review that provided Laymen's terms on government spending, then perhaps the Government wouldn't be so quick to add all these additional line items to bills. I am not an expert but reading all these add-ons is nearly impossible and I really get annoyed in our current budget crisis to find that $1M was given to create a "teacup museum" or that $5M was spent to learn about the lifespan of a fly it is very irritating. As a taxpayer, I want to see where the money went in very easy to read terms and that way I can see who is wasting what. Make this the approval agency for the government, but something has to be done to bring this out of control spending into control.



Idea No. 4188