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Increase paperless trends

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I think we could decrease the number of hard copies for the Document 11678 which is the NTEU National Agreement booklet that is 229 pages in length. This document is easily available and accessible online. I know there may still be a need to have hard copies; however I believe if every organization and departments in IRS reduced the number of hard copies within units we could see a nice cost savings. I don't know the exact cost per copy, but I do know there are 25 desk/cubies in one particular untit and the mail clerk distributed one copy per desk. I witnessed employees throwing their copies in the trash! What waste! There is a process in place for mail distribution lists, and distribution updates are solicited for when publishing sends out their notices, but I think updates sometimes get overlooked and then the hard copies get printed and its simply costing too much especially during our hard economic times. All departments should be limited to a few hard copies per team, not a hard copy for every person. If one person specifies they would like a hard copy, then they must submit that at their own request. So many things are going paperless and I think this trend should continue. Save the planet and save Americans hard earned dollars!

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